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Calls being made by telemarketing company 'ICS Ltd' - please be assured this is not ICS Consulting Ltd

It has been brought to our attention that customers of a client are being called by a telemarketing company called ICS Ltd and some people are confusing this company with ourselves, ICS Consulting Ltd.

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Exploring vertical integration in the water industry - full report

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welcome to ICS

ICS specialise in providing consultancy and support services to asset intensive businesses.  Over the last 10 years we have developed a worldwide reputation as a leading Asset Management consultancy.  Our clients range from small private businesses to some of the largest companies within the UK and worldwide.  We enable our clients to optimise service and output performance, maximise return on asset investment and control their risk profile. 

We are a niche organisation, providing innovative business solutions.  More information on our solutions and products, together with some specific case studies can be found within the sections above.

ICS is a different type of consultancy.  We offer a ‘light touch’ in only those areas where we can offer value and make a real difference.  Our pragmatic approach delivers maximum value and ensures capability is embedded within your business.