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Thames Water

During PR14 and PR19 we have supported Thames Water in developing its draft and final business plans. This involved a number of elements:

  • Development of the Service Risk Framework of service KPIs by which all investments are appraised and which link to their outcomes framework

  • The provision and configuration of decision support tools, including the asset optimisation tool AIM and the cross-asset optimisation tool APS

  • Detailed modelling of water and wastewater infrastructure assets and incorporation into AIM for asset level scenario analysis

  • Support on cross asset optimisation in APS

  • Customer engagement around customer willingness to pay, triangulation, resilience, performance commitments and outcome delivery incentives

  • Discussions with stakeholders on the findings of customer research and the impact on the business plan

We continue to work with Thames Water, supporting on asset modelling projects, plan balancing, customer engagement and incentive design.
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