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We have synthesised the expert research knowledge of the University of Exeter's Centre for Water Systems with the proven investment planning capabilities of ICS Consulting to provide inFRA, the best in class flood risk assessment solution. inFRA provides near real time modelling and assessment of the extent of flood risk, providing both time and depth of flooding. Our inFRA solution is based around the 2D CADDIES flood modelling engine and delivers fast and accurate results to facilitate the understanding of risk across a whole network as well as rapid assessment of single events.



The goals of inFRA are to provide everyone with the benefits of the latest advances in flood risk impact assessment.

Accurate Results

The results from the 2D flooding engine achieve far better accuracy than the often used 1D 'rolling ball' models which only consider one direction of flow.

Rapid Run Times

inFRA provides results up to 20 times faster than existing 2D modelling approaches allowing use in real time operations responding to actual events.

Batch Processing

Using a single set up combined with the modelling speed allows tens of thousands of analyses to be automated and undertaken in a single batch run.

Based on Lidar Data

The solution utilises the 1m resolution LiDaR data that is freely available from the UK Environment agency.  

Proactive Mitigation of Flooding Risk

Until recently flooding from sewer and water distribution networks has mainly been considered reactively, after the flooding has occurred. Flooding from water mains or sewers is often an unpleasant and distressing event for customers, with potential to waste precious water resources, cause pollution and harm people and the environment. Infrastructure and businesses can also be affected by flooding, further escalating the impact on local communities.


The inFRA solution helps mitigate the threat of flooding to people, their property and infrastructure by providing fast and accurate data for decision makers. These significant enhancements over current technologies provide accurate information to water companies allowing them to make better investment and operational decisions.  By improving the intelligence about flooding risks both quickly and accurately, the result will be better management of natural water resources and an enhanced ability to mitigate flooding impacts on society and the environment. At a time of increased pressures from severe flooding due to factors like climate change these new technologies provide everyone with leading edge tools for understanding and managing flood risks and impacts.

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