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Irish water

ICS Consulting has been working with Irish Water since it was formed in 2014. Irish Water was keen to benefit from the experience of the UK water sector and develop its asset management and regulatory capability quickly and effectively.


Irish Water engaged ICS in order to benefit from the broad experience that ICS has gained from supporting the UK water sector over the past 17 years. 


ICS has helped Irish Water to establish their asset management and regulatory capabilities; and to support the formulation, justification and presentation of their business plan submissions.


Our role has helped Irish Water develop their overarching framework for decision making.

We have supported their asset management function with the development of their business processes, organisational structure, governance framework, decision making systems and risk assessment/investment appraisal techniques. The detailed business processes and organisational design has underpinned the recent restructuring of the asset management, tactical and strategic investment planning functions.  


In addition, ICS has advised the Asset Management team on how to structure and write their investment cases to support the justification of their business plan. 


ICS have also supported the regulation team with the development of their regulatory strategy, customer engagement approach, and delivery and performance monitoring, helping Irish Water develop its stakeholder and customer engagement plan for the submission of its business plan.  This role included advising on the use and application of stakeholder and customer evidence in the business setting process.  As part of this we undertook customer priorities research and engagement. 

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