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Network Rail

Network Rail has a large and diverse asset base.  The third largest component of this is the electrification and plant (E&P) assets, which consist of three key elements :


  • Electric distribution assets – which get power from the National Grid to the trains

  • Contact systems – which allow trains to pick up electrical current

  • Plant assets – fixed machinery used trackside to keep the railway running

ICS Consulting has worked with Network Rail on the regulatory submission CP5 and CP6 regulatory submissions for its network of electrification and plant (E&P) assets. 

This has included the development of :

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 whole lifecycle cost models.  Tier 2 models are asset cohort models built using detailed asset degradation, asset failure and service impact models, and assessed under a range of possible maintenance and utilisation scenarios and environmental factors.  Tier 1 models build on the outputs of the Tier 2 models and forecast work/activity volumes, remaining life, condition, performance and expenditures for a portfolio or network of assets. 

  • Asset Lifecycle Profiles (ALPs), which provide the annualised cost for an asset, including replacement, repair, refurbishment, maintenance, service risk (delays, health and safety, environment, etc), over its entire lifetime.  The ALPs support costing the delivery of electrification projects as well as regulatory submissions.

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