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States of Jersey

The States of Jersey Government recently undertook a strategic review of its essential services (transport, wastewater, waste management, property, etc). 


The aim of the strategic review and transformation was to ensures service are efficient, with  appropriate organisation, governance and finance.


ICS led the strategic review for wastewater and waste management.  This included a full review of how services are owned and operated, governance, and financing.  Most controversial was how to establish full and fair charging for these services.  

In line with the HM Treasury Five Case Model, we first developed the Strategic Outline Case, which recommended the preferred option for organising, managing, and financing waste services.  This considered how these services should be funded including what user-based charges should be implemented and how they should be introduced.  This also included how services should be organised – remaining as a government department through to full privatisation of the services.  Following government approval for the SOC, we commenced the Outline and Full Business Cases, which focused on the strategic and financial governance framework, outsourcing and procurement requirements, required changes to legislation to enable change, and the programme and change management plans to deliver the transformation. 


Based on the findings of this review there is an ongoing transformation programme.


Customer and stakeholder engagement has been critical to the process.  A key first step was to develop and execute the stakeholder management plan and communications strategy.   The engagement process has included politicians, employees, trade unions, members of the public, corporations/customers, community and lobby groups. 

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