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2019 periodic review of High Speed 1

At the end of last month, ORR published their draft determination on amount of funding that HS1 Ltd should have to keep the High Speed 1 network between St Pancras and the Channel Tunnel in good condition over the period 2020-25. This follows detailed scrutiny of HS1 Ltd’s plans and its proposals for the charges that train operators should pay to use the network.

ORR’s role here is to provide independent assurance that High Speed 1’s assets can be kept in good condition over the long term at the lowest possible cost. This is so that train operators and, in turn, passengers and freight users, get a fair deal now but not at the expense of future generations.

The regulator is  currently consulting on the draft determination until 11 November, and will then publish their final determination in January 2020. Further information is available here.

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