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Energy suppliers owe households £1.5 billion

A survey by has revealed that over 12 million households (45%) could reclaim £1.5 billion from suppliers for energy purchased but not used this winter.

On the flip side, 4.1 million households (15% of bill payers) have accounts which are in debt following the winter. This is a million more than were in debt in the preceding autumn, however more customers would anticipate this short fall coming out of winter and expect to build up credit balances over the summer.

Uswitch found credit levels were 15% higher than the same time last year, with customers owed an extra £200m altogether. As well as individual households being owed more, uSwitch found an additional 1.2 million in credit compared to last year.

Households in credit with their energy supplier could on average reclaim £126, but almost one in ten (9%) has more than £200 left on account with their energy company.

Recent falls in the wholesale cost of energy have led to a large increase of cheaper deals becoming available which are hundreds of pounds cheaper than Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs). On average, households on SVTs set at the price cap could see a return of nearly £500 by reclaiming their credit balance and then switching to the most competitive deal on the market.


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