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IN 18/18 - Expectations, assurance and information requirements for water company charges for 2019-2

Ofwat have published Information Notice 18/18 setting out how they expect water companies to engage with customers and stakeholders when developing their charging policy and charges, as well as their expectations around charges assurance. It also summarises the charges information requirements on companies and the timetable for publishing this information.

Companies introducing charging policies increasing bills by 5% or more for a given customer type will need

appropriate third party support for why the changes are being proposed, for example, a change in drivers or activityproven interactions with customersevidence of engagement with and support from customer representatives, where appropriate, especially with the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) on changes to charges schemes for which it is a statutory consultee.

This includes engagement with wider stakeholders relevant to wholesale and new connections charging rules and Board assurance of charges is also a requirement.

Large water companies must publish a statement setting out details of any significant increases (i.e. more than 5%) and information about bulk supplies transactions.  Ofwat also require confirmation of average household bills and special agreements amongst their data requirements which are detailed in the Information Note.


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