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Open Networks project: letter from BEIS and Ofgem to the Energy Networks Association (ENA)

This letter sets out the views of government and Ofgem on the progress on the ENA’s work to deliver a smarter and more flexible energy system through the Open Networks project. Its aim is to support the delivery of DSO Transition through the scoping of a range of ‘Future Worlds’ which are alternative decarbonised scenarios. It covers:

- actions following the Future Worlds work for the ENA, their members, government and Ofgem

- actions for the ENA and their members to drive competition and address conflicts of interest

- actions for the ENA and their members to improve whole system network co-ordination and ensure that data is shared appropriately

These actions build on the previous guidance set out in government and Ofgem’s joint Smart Systems & Flexibility Plan and subsequent Progress Update.

The ENA response to the government letter has also been published here.

Initial prioritisation will focus on investment required in all Future Worlds.


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