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Water UK Summarise Companies Plans for PR19.

Water UK have published ‘A Manifesto for Water’ summarising what the water industry as a whole is proposing to deliver over the next five years.  This is subject to change as Ofwat takes stock of the submissions they have received and details for each company remains within their specific business plan.

Highlights include:

  • Water and sewerage bills falling by 4% in real terms

  • 13% increase in investment from the current period

  • By 2025 companies plan to help 1.4m customers with their bills, an increase of around 90%

  • A 36% decrease in the time that supplies are interrupted

  • Leakage reduction of 461m litres per day which is  more than a 16% reduction

  • 98%  of  bathing  water  areas  will  meet  European  standards  in  2025

  • Reducing the number  of  serious  pollution  incidents,  from  52  today  to  around  a  half-dozen  by  the  end  of  the  period


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