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Water Watchdog welcomes calls to ease demand on water resources

The Consumer Council for Water has welcomed calls for water companies to invest more in reducing leakage and improving infrastructure as part of wider efforts to ease the pressure on scarce water resources.

The Water Watchdog was responding to the findings of a new report on water resources in England by the Environment Agency which states that climate change and demand from a growing population are the biggest pressures on the availability of water. It claims that without action to increase supply, reduce demand and cut down on wastage, many areas could see significant supply shortages by 2050 – particularly in the south east of England.

Curbing unsustainable levels of water abstraction, reducing the 3 billion litres of water wasted every day by water companies and easing the demand from industry and the public are highlighted as the most pressing priorities in order to protect the environment.

Tony Smith, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council for Water, said: “We need water companies to invest more in infrastructure and be ambitious in reducing leakage. We know most consumers will play their part by saving water but they expect their water company to lead by example through tackling leakage. The industry also needs to do more to help consumers understand the wider pressures on our water resources and why using water wisely really does matter.”


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